Greek Yogurt in Japan

greek yogurt in japan

I’ve been sick for a weeks and a half with a bad cough. As you can imagine, I’m in cooking survival mode and haven’t made anything new/good enough to share. This is just a little note for those of you who don’t know how to find greek yogurt in Japan. It’s called kaspikai youguruto as in Caspian Sea yogurt. This one was 270 yen (used to be 290 yen). I’ve seen it in most supermarkets that stock at least a few foreign products. It’s made in Kobe so a good option if your worried about radiation.

Update: I looked for ingredient sources for this product and found a huge wiki in Japanese with sources. According to the wiki, they source raw milk from Ehime Prefecture and “dairy products” (乳製品) from Hokkaido and Tochigi Prefectures.

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15 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt in Japan

  1. Thank you for the recommendation, I used to buy the Bulgarian yoghurt by Meiji. Shortly after the accident stopped buying and recently was craving yoghurt. I will buy and try it today:)

    • I tried the yoghurt, it tasted right but the consistency is very weird. It is very slimy. I think I like the Bulgarian yoghurt more. Do you have any idea where the Bulgarian yoghurt is made in?

      • The texture is a bit odd. I’ll check the yogert next time I’m at the supermarket.

      • I looked a bit on the internet and they use mixed milk and each factory uses different sources. It may be hard to find out exactly where.

  2. Good tip! I had been wondering about this previously but hadn’t had the time to go looking for it (wanted it to make frozen yogurt, as I usually strain out regular yogurt). I checked at my local store and found a few different brands, all named the same. For this one above, do you know if the milk they use comes from Kobe as well, or is it sourced from elsewhere? We’ve been buying our yogurt mostly through Oisix these days.

    • It might be hard to find hummus in stores but it’s not hard to find everything you need to make it yourself. Tahini may be hard but there is a local sesame paste product that you could use instead or skip it like I do.

  3. I’m making a falafel extravaganza tonight and this article helped me easily locate the Greek yogurt I was procrastinating about finding!

  4. I’ve got so many recipes that I’ve been wanting to try but I’d been putting off because they call for Greek Yogurt and I didn’t know where to find it. I’ll be checking my supermarket tonight ! Thank you !

    • Thanks for saying hello. I hope your supermarket carries it. Just a word of warning Greek yogurt in Japan is a bit slimier than in the US or Canada. Still tastes great though :)

  5. I bought this today, and my friend who has eaten Greek Yogurt once before said this was not Greek yogurt. I can’t tell because I have never tried it before. I did look up on the internet though, and Wikipedia says it’s Matsoni. Is there a difference between GY & Matsoni then?

    • Thank you for bringing this up. Apparently there is a difference that I wasn’t aware of. I will have to correct the post. Greek yogurt is supposed to be thicker. You can make it yourself by straining it through a cheesecloth or coffee filter.

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